Spring Cleaning!

Spring Cleaning!

The warm air is starting to make its appearance and subtle changes start to take place. Windows open, grills come out, the overall general mood of society improves greatly! If your house if anything like mine, thoughts begin to turn to spring cleaning!

One aspect of cleaning many don’t think of, is the inside of the PC! The tower sits on the ground, does its thankless job, asking only air and electricity in return. Sometimes, the air isn’t the greatest. Take a look at this poor guy:

Thankfully, this machine made it in to us before permanent damage occurred!

Let this be a cautionary tale, friends. Your PC requires maintenance both inside AND out. Whether it be file cleanup or innerd-cleanups (doubt that is actually a word but using it anyway), a little preventative maintenance goes a LONG way!

If this is something you don’t feel comfortable doing, we’re right here waiting!

Bonus Content: Here’s some cleanup “fun” we had on a jobsite recently! This will likely be the dirtiest video we’ve ever participated in!

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